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Here at Soulshine Counseling Services I am committed to serving the individual needs of my clients and making their mental health needs a priority.  I believe that the needs of my clients are of utmost importance.  I am excited about the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver the best service possible to you.

When contemplating a business name I decided that SoulShine was appropriate for my mission in life.  I believe that God has equipped, inspired, and led me to the helping/serving profession in order to help others see Him in me and through me as I let my soul shine for Him. I also feel that God has led me to help others resolve core beliefs that are causing them strife, sadness, and other issues in order to make their own soul shine as well as improve their mental health wellness. Furthermore, my mission is to provide an environment in which clients feel supported, understood, empowered, and renewed.  Lastly, my mission is to provide professional and much needed services to my town, community, and county.


Your mental health is just as important as your physical health. Take care of your overall mental health needs by entrusting it with experienced professionals.

Personalized Treatment

Treatment plans and choices perfectly match your mental health needs as we work together to implement effective interventions in your transformation journey. We also offer telehealth services as well as face to face sessions.

Quality and Service

We aim to offer specialized treatment and plan to be able to schedule appointments that meet your individual mental health needs.

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Michelle has worked with children, teens, and parents for over 29 years.  She has helped many clients with issues such as anxiety, grief and loss, anger, depression, self-esteem, boundaries, self-regulation, self-esteem building, communication issues, relationship issues, and divorce/separation issues.


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Your treatment plan is designed for steady progress, with every phase promptly implemented.

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Clients Say

My daughter was having frequent panic attacks. However, since she has been seeing Michelle she has drastically improved and is a much happier child. I appreciate the support and guidance that Michelle offered me as well, as I learned how to help my daughter manage her anxiety disorder and apply life changing coping skills.
mother of 8 year old female
Soulshine Counseling Services

Finding the light in your Heart, Mind, and Soul

Committed to serving the individual needs of my clients and making their mental health needs a priority.