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Adults can experience their own difficulties in life.  Reach out to Soulshine to see how we can help with these and more areas.

Bipolar Disorder
Anger Issues
Grief and Loss


Children can face many challenges from family to school.  Please call Soulshine if your child, teenager or family member is going through any of these difficulties.

Panic Disorder
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Anxiety Disorders
Self-Esteem Building


Coping with certain business situations can be challenging/  Here at Soulshine we have the abilities to help you through these challenges and more.

Carreer Planning
Stress Management
Self Care
Anger Issues
Self-Esteem Building

Therapies & Treatments

Soulshine works with clients of all ages and addresses a wide range of issues. Below are just some of our services, please visit our Services page for complete list, or contact us for more info.

Stress management is finding ways to cope with psychological and physical reactions to the demands of life.

Depression is a common but serious mood disorder that negatively affects how you feel, think, and act.

In relationship counseling you learn such skills as how to effectively communicate your needs and desires in order to have a happy and stable relationship with your partner and/or others.

Anxiety causes a constant, overwhelming, and excessive feeling of anxiousness, worry, and fear.

Sometimes counseling is necessary to assist one in discovering their interests, talents, skills, and goals in life.

Self care is being mindful and intentional to take time for your self needs in order to be healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Welcome To Soulshine Counseling

Soulshine offers services to anyone who is ready to improve his/her overall mental health needs.

Dealing with strife, heartache, grief, anxiety, depression, and other issues can be extremely difficult.  We diagnose and create a comprehensive but flexible treatment plan that fits your mental health needs.

Just some of the Insurance we accept, for full list see About page:

Soulshine Counseling Services

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What Clients Say

Michelle has helped me navigate how to transition from great grandparent to parent as I raise my great granddaughter in the difficult times we are currently facing. Raising an adolescent at my age is more than I think I can handle sometimes. Michelle helps me figure out how to handle certain situations, understand the developmental stages, and learn how to better talk and relate to her. She has also helped my great granddaughter with self-esteem, how to better manage stress, and the grief of feeling abandoned by her parents, as well as the grief of the death of her great grandfather.
Great Grandparent of a 12 year old
Mrs. Michelle has helped me with anxiety and depression as I transitioned from high school to college. She helped me learn effective coping skills and how to recognize and change unhealthy and irrational thoughts. I feel much happier and mentally healthier now and did it without the help of medication. I always look forward to my session and highly recommend her.
18 year old female
Mrs. Michelle has helped me process the trauma of the abuse from my childhood. I had kept everything deep inside of me for so long because I never felt safe or comfortable talking to anyone about it. Mrs. Michelle was very compassionate and easy to talk to. She took her time with me and made me feel supported and understood. She has helped me find my smile and look forward to what lies ahead.
15 year old male
My daughter was having frequent panic attacks. However, since she has been seeing Michelle she has drastically improved and is a much happier child. I appreciate the support and guidance that Michelle offered me as well, as I learned how to help my daughter manage her anxiety disorder and apply life changing coping skills.
mother of 8 year old female
Michelle helped me understand and learn effective ways to better manage my anger and frustration. I was having a lot of relationship issues and they were weighing me down. Michelle helped me explore where my anger was coming from, my beliefs, and goals. She also taught me coping skills. I am finally headed in the right direction. I feel so much better now and I know my husband thanks her as well.
34 year old female
Michelle has helped my 9 year old son with separation anxiety. He began struggling with this out of the blue. It was very exhausting and was wearing me down. After seeing Michelle for a few sessions we were able to make progress. He is doing much better now. I appreciate the support and information that Michelle offered me as well because when your child struggles you do too.
parent of a 9 year old male

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